Dental Implants In Kothrud Pune

Dental Implants In Kothrud Pune

What is dental implant? How to get Dental Implants In Kothrud Pune

A dental implant or also called fixture or endosseous implant is a modern surgical module that interfaces with human bone of the skull or jaw to support an available dental prosthesis like bridge, crown, facial prostheses, denture, and to function as an available orthodontic anchor.

The fundamental for contemporary dental implants is a kind of biological procedure known as osseointegration where high quality of material, say for instance titanium builds an intimate relationship to bone. An implant fixture is usually first positioned so that it can osseointegrate, and then an available dental prosthetic is included.

Dental implants procedure – Important Facts Of Dental Implants In Kothrud Pune

  • General anesthesia/local anesthesia is given or administered
  • A single tooth implant takes about 1 hour
  • Patients don’t need to stay in hospital in normal cases
  • Patients won’t experience pain during the entire procedure


Healing or recovery time

For an artificial implant to become permanent, human body should grow bone to the existing surface of an implant or osseointegration. Hence, based on this basic biologic procedure, it was assumed that loading a dental implant especially during the osseointegration time would outcome in movement that would avoid osseointegration, and hence enhance implant failure chances.

As an outcome, 3 to 6 months of integrating period (depends on several factors) was enabled before positioning the teeth on the implants.

Conversely, later research recommends that the starting stability of the dental implant in organic bone is more significant determinant of getting success of dental implant procedure, rather than a particular period of recovering time.

As an outcome, the time duration enabled to recover is traditionally depended on the density of natural bone the artificial implant is positioned in as well as the number of artificial implants integrated together, rather than a certain span of time.

Advantages of Dental Implants In Kothrud Pune

  • New dental implants will feel and look like organic teeth
  • Moreover, with an innovative dental implant, you will be more confident while smiling and easily bite anything eatable
  • Remember, dental implants are capable of replacing a removable denture along with fixed teeth
  • Your dental implants prevent your bone and gums from shrinking which decreases the aging impact caused by natural tooth lost

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Dental implants have become a popular choice for replacing missing or damaged teeth, and for good reason. In Kothrud Pune, dental implants offer numerous benefits to those seeking to restore their smile and improve their oral health. Dental implants are a long-term solution that not only look and feel like natural teeth, but also provide stability and support to adjacent teeth and the jawbone. Additionally, dental implants can help prevent bone loss and gum recession, which can lead to further dental problems. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a worthwhile investment in your oral health and overall well-being. If you’re considering dental implants in Kothrud Pune, be sure to consult with a qualified dental professional to discuss your options and ensure the best possible outcome.