Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth will ensure the displacement of the surrounding teeth. Avoid this with tooth replacement. If your tooth is cracked or damaged, it should be fixed urgently to save the tooth. By attending to dental issues immediately, you negate the risks of problems in the future. So, visit our dental clinic in Pune, Kothrud to get your tooth replacement. These are your following options.

1) Dental Implants

This is an artificial tooth root placed in your jawbone to be a foundation for the replacement tooth or bridge. Periodontal disease, injury, or whatever reason be the cause, dental implants is a great option. They provide a strong base for permanent or removable replacement teeth that will match your permanent natural teeth. They are biologically manufactured from biologically neutral pure titanium or its alloys. They are accepted by the body and they fuse well with the jawbone. They are a good long-term solution.

2) Dental Crowns

Crowns or caps, restore damaged tooth/teeth, and mimic the natural shape, size and colour of the surrounding teeth. Different crowns are made of metal, porcelain, or restorative materials like metal free ceramics. A combination of ceramic and metal is also possible to make appearance natural and increase strength. They have to be custom-made to fit each patient’s natural teeth. Crowns will last from five to eight years, but with proper oral hygiene they can last longer.

3) Dental Bridges

Bridges are used to stabilize the bite of the patient with one or more missing teeth. They prevent displacement of surrounding teeth or make then unstable, requiring removal and compromising oral health, even changing the shape of your face. Bridges are permanent, and patients don’t have to remove them. The artificial replacement tooth is connected between crowns, permanently cemented, or bonded on to adjacent teeth.

4) Dentures

Dentures replace natural teeth to provide support to lips, cheeks and maintain the appearance of the face. Majorly, dentures can be fabricated two different ways, and are made up of acrylic. Conventional dentures are made after all teeth have been removed and gums have completely healed. The other methods are dentures are quickly made, and fitted so the gums heal over them, fixing them in permanently.