Root Canal Treatment

Get the best root canal treatment in Pune only at Dr Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions. Root canal treatment used to be scary, but now, it is virtually painless thanks to advances in technology, local anaesthetics and pain medication. Root canal will also release you from pain caused by infection, pain from cold, heat, or even biting hard.

Root canal is actually the area inside a tooth containing the tooth's pulp and nerve. When a tooth gets infected, root canal treatment becomes necessary to avoid chronic pain or worse, tooth loss. This simple treatment will save your natural teeth, and prevent need of dental bridges or implants.

Root canal can be infected because of trauma, cracks, chips, deep decay, or repeated dental procedures. It could be in the form of a visible injury or swelling, pain in the tooth and gums, or sensitivity to temperature.

In the procedure, the area surrounding the tooth is numbed with local anaesthesia. The dentist drills into the tooth to clean the canal and remove the infected tissue. The space is then filled with the sealant, gutta percha, which is recommended to make the root canal, is successful. Then comes the crown, and your tooth is saved.

The root canal procedure is now quite easy, painless, and is done in a few sessions. And at Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions, you get the most competitive root canal cost in Pune.