Dental Tourism

Crowned by the majestic Himalayas and protected on all sides by the sea, India is a country of bountiful nature and spiritualism. Tourism in India is mainly associated with its natural resources, or its spiritual treasure trove and rarely with its medical expertise. Although, a ‘developing nation’, India is now home to world renowned medical experts and state-of-the-art medical technology which are, in comparison to other countries, easily available to people from all branches of society. India has also seen an increase in the dental tourism industry. This is mainly due to the low medical cost, the availability of experienced and skilled dentists, availability of the latest dental technology, and the low cost of air travel to India.

  • Cost - Dental implants in India can cost as low as 1/10 of the price that you might pay for the same implant in countrie like the U.S.A. Dental tourism not only provides you the opportunity to get access to state of the art dental procedures at a low cost, but also add in a splendid and relaxing vacation time for you and our loved ones.
  • Skill and Qualification - Despite the low cost, India is home to dentists of skill and reputation. Most Indian Dentists have studied abroad in reputable dentist universities. The dentists are well experience and are always aware of the latest developments in the field. Most Dentists take active part in promoting the field of dentistry. They are invited as guest speakers in universities, events, conferences, and workshops for both international and domestic.
  • Technology- Even though the price for dental procedures are low, Indian dentists have access to the latest technology in dentistry. It is comparatively easy for people of different economic background to be able to gain access to these technologies than in Western countries. These technologies are also widely available, and most dentist are proficient in there usage.
  • Sterilization and Safety- Sterilization of instruments and the safety of the patient is of uttermost importance for dentists in India. The latest technology of sterilization is always used, and the client is always made aware of the procedure that takes place.
  • Tourism - India is the birthplace of three world religions, and has a wide diversity of culture, cuisine and natural resources. During your stay in India, you can enjoy the delicious local cuisine the country has to offer, while experiencing the uniquely spicey culture of India. You many also visit the many cultural monuments, world heritage sites and natural parks India has to offer.
  • Payments - India has recently experienced a widespread increase in online payments. Online bank payments are widely accepted. In addition, most third party smartphone application which help online transaction are also widely available and accepted. Credit, debit, checks, and online transactions are now widely used.
  • Flights -The number of flights to and from India have, in recent years, increased to a large extent. Economic flights are easily available at a relative cheap price.
  • Packages -There are a number of Dental clinics available in India that offer packages for dental tourists. The packages generally include transportation, hotel bookings, tours, visit to local tourist spots and the dental procedure itself. Discounts are also usually available on the packages providing easy and economic booking experience for you.
  • Customization - Custom packages are largely available. You will usually be given the opportunity to pick and choose which procedure will you like, where you will like to stay and where you will like to visit. Given the large amount of tourist attractions in India, you will always find more places to see and events to enjoy.

India’s dental tourism has grown exponentially in recent years. It now comprises 10% of India's tourism Industry. Along with the increase in cheap international flights and an ever-developing economy, India is a Ideal country to book your next dentist appointment and have a relaxing or exhilarating vacation while you are at it.