Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Dentistry has evolved. People are now turning to cosmetic dentistry, also known as aesthetic dentistry, to improve their appearance. This is no different from cosmetic surgery or even trying a new hairstyle. Technological advancements in the industry with tooth-coloured, natural-looking dental materials make cosmetic dental procedures and treatments durable. You can now get teeth straightened, lightened, reshaped and repaired. Explore your options at Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions, which is one of the finest clinics for cosmetic dentistry in Pune. We have a wide range of services for you like:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Correction of Crooked Tooth/Teeth
  • Correction of Gummy Smile
  • Correction of Jetting Out Teeth
  • Correction of Mottling Teeth
  • Cosmetic Contouring
  • Tooth Coloured Filling
  • Ceramic Inlays
  • Depigmentation of Gums
  • Dental Veneers (Laminates)

1) Teeth Whitening

Your smile creates an impression. It is a big part of your attractive features. If you are embarrassed of your teeth as they are not bright, or are stained from wear and tear and drinking too many beverages, consider professional teeth whitening at Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions. We are popular for the best solutions for teeth whitening in Pune. Forget at-home teeth whitening kits, as professional whitening is better. Get a consultation today and get ready for a brighter smile.

2) Correction for Crooked Tooth/Teeth

Cracked or crooked tooth is serious and need immediate dental attention. Sometimes, extraction is the only option. But for superficial cracks, a lot can be done to fix it. At Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions, our dentist will get an x-ray of your mouth to check for injury in the roots or surrounding tissues. Sometimes, a micro-dentistry tool is used to detect the cracks. After a thorough check, and damage assessment, you are offered proper cracked tooth treatment before the condition becomes worse. You are guaranteed to come out with your smile restored.

3) GCorrection of Gummy Smile

When you smile and your front teeth are covered by your gums, you then have gummy smile. Gummy smiles hamper your appearance and make your smile unappealing because your beautiful teeth are hidden because of your gums. At Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions, we have painless treatments for your gummy smile to completely correct it. In this treatment, we reduce the actual length of your gums to balance your smile. The gum tissue is shaped and the upper lip is also resized to make teeth look much better than before.

4)Correction for Jutting Out Teeth

Front teeth can be growing outward, also called 'jutting out'. This is caused by dental malocclusion, and periodontal diseases causing loosening of gums. This can be treated with orthodontic therapy, but this depends on treatment span, oral hygiene, bone condition, and age. The treatment is done using combinations of veneers, aesthetic crowns, and bridges. This will give proper shape, and alignment to the teeth arch and natural look. Other treatments may be employed if any other teeth conditions are found beforehand. Our dentists at Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions will ensure your teeth that are jutting out are corrected in the most painless and effective way, and your smile is restored.

5) Correction of Mottling of Teeth

Bleaching cannot treat intrinsic staining. Such extreme cases can be caused by disturbance in structure, trauma, excessive fluoride, medication, vitamin deficiency, or hereditary disorder. This compromises the aesthetics of the teeth. Treatment at Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions is curated according to condition. We will ensure that this treatment restores the natural colour and look of the your teeth, and you will never be conscious of your smile.

6) Cosmetic Contouring

Do your teeth have problems that prevent you from smiling and affect your confidence? At Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions, we give you several options to rectify your imperfections in a painless manner, including cosmetic contouring & polishing, which is the most popular method amongst patients. At the beginning of the treatment, the dentists create markings on the teeth to get the proper size and shape of the teeth. Next, air turbine drills are used on the teeth’s surface to give shape. The enamel takes shape gradually. Then with the help of abrasive strips, sanding is done between the teeth. Finally, the dentists polishes the surface to make the teeth smooth, making them look great.

7) Tooth Coloured Filling

In the past, metal fillings were used in cases of chipped, decayed or fractured teeth. Though these filling worked well, appearance was the issue. However, today, this problem is treated with the use of tooth-coloured fillings that are identical to the natural appearance of your teeth. These fillings are made from a durable plastic material called composite resin. These are attractive, and will make your smile look naturally beautiful.

8) Ceramic Inlays

Ceramic Inlays are a type of indirect fillings used in the premolars and molars (back teeth). Impressions are taken of the cavity after removing the old, defective filling through drilling. A properly designed filling that will fit perfectly is made in the lab from ceramic. This filling returns the tooth back to its original form. In the next session, the ceramic inlay is perfectly cemented into place. Sometime, large inlays that cover the cusps are used, they are known as onlays.

9) Gum Depigmentation

For a smile to be beautiful and oral health to be perfect, gums are as important as the teeth. Gingival appearance and health are essential aspects of a smile. Dark pigmentation and discoloration of the gums are caused by many factors. Such gums may create aesthetic issues and embarrassing situations, if easily visible. This can be fixed with the best periodontal plastic surgical procedures at Dr. Mukesh Dental & Implant Solutions. The gingival hyperpigmentation is reduced or removed by state-of-the-art techniques. We’ll return your gingival integrity and return your confident smile.

10) Dental Veneers - Laminates

Dental veneers are solution to multiple dental problems. Its porcelain material lasts long and does not stain. They are the perfect solution for chipped or broken, discoloured, misaligned, worn down, uneven or irregularly shaped teeth. For the procedure, a little enamel from the surface of the tooth is removed to prepare the tooth for the veneer. Next, a model or impression of the tooth is taken, so, the veneers can be custom-made to look of your natural teeth.

Once the customised veneer is ready, it is fit onto your tooth to check if it is correct. A little trimming and etching of your tooth and the veneer maybe needed to ensure its a perfect fit. A special type of cement is applied to the veneer, and it is placed on your tooth. The dentist then properly positions the veneer, using a special light to cure the cement. Finally, your bite is evaluated for final adjustments.