Child Dental Treatments

It is important for a child to undergo proper teeth development from the beginning. At Dr. Mukesh’s Dental Solutions, there are guidelines and information on keeping children’s teeth in good condition.

First Visit
Dr. Mukesh recommends that a child needs to see a dentist once in less than 6 months after the eruption of their first tooth. Parents are required to get dental check-ups for their children, as young ones are easily prone to teeth problems. Parents having doubts and queries related to teeth problems are solved by visiting the clinic with their kids.

Checkups – Checkups at the clinic include the following:

  • Cavity check
  • Use of fluoride
  • Review diet
  • Condition of the gums/li>
  • Evaluation of braces
  • Simple homecare tips
  • Concern of adult’s concerns and queries
  • Teaching parents on how to look after their child’s teeth
Home Dental Care Tips
Every child is different and therefore, parents must understand that it’s not that easy to brush their child’s teeth. It can be challenging and frustrating for any parent but at the end, the result should be good.

1) Flouride Fillings

For tooth decay, this is the most effective method. Flouride is a mineral which occurs naturally in foods and drinks. It can also be manufactured, which is then added in toothpaste that we use. Flouride increases the strength of the teeth enamel which protects from various bacteria that produce acid. Flouride stops bacteria’s ability to produce harmful acids while keeping teeth enamel in good condition.

2) Kids Root Canal Treatment

Primary (baby) tooth is important because it acts as a messenger for the next one that will replace them. Losing the primary tooth or immature growth of the next tooth leads to severe infection. Therefore, if the tooth isn’t properly developed then it can in directly affect the growth of the jaws too. Losing premature teeth leads to malocclusion (bad bite). Hence, fillings are used to make sure that young children save as many natural milk teeth.

3) Flouride Applications

Health care professionals and dentists apply gels or foams in the form of fluoride on the tooth’s surface. This adherent remains on the tooth’s surface for longer duration protecting the tooth from decay, re-mineralizing the tooth surface and protecting from hypersensitivity. The fluoride gels used are available in different kinds of flavors which suits the taste buds according to the child. These gels are sticky in nature and remain attached to the tooth surface for a longer period. Hence, only a fraction amount of the gel gets swallowed. Professional dentists use this product while treating the young ones (even under the age of 6 years old) in small quantities, so, it is not a risk factor for them.