Braces Treatments

Aligning of the teeth to its natural position is done by a procedure called Orthodontic treatment. Braces are used for this treatment in order to make the teeth look good and feel better. People of all ages have this problem where their teeth are crooked or out of shape. And hence, it proves to be a problem in keeping the teeth clean and also affects its condition. Braces treatments are of 3 types.

1) Braces (Metallic or Tooth Colored Cremic)

Braces are devices which are used to straighten and align the teeth in its proper position, making it easier for a person to correct and get desirable bite. There are different kinds of braces used in shaping the teeth and jaws. They are in the form of a wire that applies force and pressure on the teeth. The teeth then start to move to their original position over a course of time. The pressure from the braces makes the periodontal membrane to stretch on one side and compress on the other side of the teeth. Once the teeth are placed according to their position the braces can then be removed.

2) Lingual Braces

These custom-made braces are fixed behind the teeth which make it invisible to others. Lingual braces are cemented on the back of the teeth compared to standard braces which are visible on the front. They are a great alternative to people who don’t want braces to be seen.

3) Invisible Braces

The name is self-explanatory. Invisible braces are a type of cosmetic-based braces which allow a person to wear them without revealing the braces itself. The braces are produced with the help of advanced computer technology, making it easier for a person to wear them, and remove as and when required. They straighten the teeth well. The braces are almost invisible, less interfering and easier to use.