When is Oral Surgery Required?

There are many conditions of the teeth. A few can be cured through medicine and care, but sometimes, there are conditions that need oral surgery. Surgery is a scary word for many. Many are worried about the pain, management and even the cost. But things are different nowadays. Most dentists try their best to treat

Gum Treatment

Before we get to know gum treatment in depth, it is important to know a few basics such as the meaning behind gum disease. Gum disease is the swelling and pain caused by bacteria called ‘plaque’ leading to loss of healthy bone around the teeth. The bacteria are capable of secreting toxins that lead to

Braces Treatment

Braces Treatment Braces treatment is needed to straighten your teeth, correct your bites, space out crowded teeth and improve your jawline. But when you think of braces, you think of young teenagers with metallic wires on their teeth. The reality is quite different now. Braces treatments has become so advanced that even adults can take

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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery   Oral surgery is a procedure that takes place in the dentist’s office with the help of local anesthesia and oral-related equipment. Quite often, it is a short procedure which is performed for tooth extractions and other jaw related surgeries. These are some of the oral surgery procedures. Impacted Teeth – The last

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Modern dentistry focuses on teeth preservation.Good dentist in pune do their best to make sure you can keep your smile as natural as possible. Yet, there are times when teeth removal becomes necessary. Teeth removal might be needed when your tooth has severe decay, severe gum disease, overcrowding of teeth or if large

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Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment The gums are the front and visible foundation for your teeth. A healthy gum promotes a healthy oral hygiene. Gums not only provide support, but also aid in protecting teeth from bacterial infection. The gums are a key part of your mouth that must be taken care of. Gum diseases are mainly caused

Roots Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, was once a scary image in the mind of patients. However, dentists know otherwise, root canals save teeth. They make sure you have as many natural teeth as possible. A root canal is a alternate way of treating an infected tooth that otherwise would have been pulled out.