Roots Canal Treatment

  • Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, was once a scary image in the mind of patients. However, dentists know otherwise, root canals save teeth.
  • They make sure you have as many natural teeth as possible. A root canal is a alternate way of treating an infected tooth that otherwise would have been pulled out.
  • The tooth is saved and you don’t have to deal with a missing tooth in your smile.

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         When the decay in a tooth spreads to the root and pulp of the teeth, the decay starts to infect the blood vessels and the nerves in the tooth. This can cause extreme pain, swelling and infections. In certain cases, abscess may also form inside or around the tooth. A root canal is the best option to relieve pain and save the tooth.

         Warning signs that indicate that you require a root canal treatment can be abscess around the gums, sensitivity to hot or cold food, tooth pain, swelling and tenderness. In some cases, you might not realize you require a root canal treatment until after a dentist visit.

A root canal procedure may also be implemented if, by chance the tooth is broken to the extent that the roots and pulp are exposed.

          Individuals who are afraid of pain will be delighted to know that the procedure nowadays, is pain free due to the use of local anaesthesia and other developments. We have one example on root canal treatment in kothrud, for nervous patients, Nitrous Oxide, better known as laughing gas, is also provided.

The Procedure – 

  •  The procedure begins with placing a ‘dam’ around the infected tooth to keep the tooth dry during the procedure.
  • A drill is then used to create an opening into the crown to give access to the pulp. Infected arteries, tissues and nerves, are removed with the help of a series of multiple files.
  • The cavity is then cleaned and a temporary filling is added to allow easier access during the next appointment.

After about a week, the roots and cavity are sealed with the permanent filling. A secondary filling is placed on top of the tooth to cover the opening. The top of the tooth is then fitted for a cap, which is placed on the tooth for cosmetic look and protection. In certain cases, a post is placed in the filling material to provide extra support for the cap.

Root canal procedures require skill. An unskilled dentist may at times leave infected tissues, or may not have cleaned the canals properly. An unskilled dentist may also improperly place the cap over or under fill the cavity. This may lead to future complications that may be expensive and time consuming to fix.

Root canals are a testament to the advancement of dentistry from removing infected or rotting teeth to saving them. This change is due to the advancement of technology and a better understanding of the human body.

Today, thanks to modern dentistry and also suggest best dentist in pune who have special research team on root canal surgery , any tooth problem can be solved while still preserving your beautiful smile.

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