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Dental Implants – The Better Option

Dental implants are artificial replacements for your teeth which are fused to you jaw bone.Dental clinic in pune takes a dental implant usually has several benefits over traditional dentures and other prosthetic teeth. Hence, they are a great option for people who use dentures, partial dentures or bridges. Individuals who need to remove teeth or have missing teeth can also get dental implants. A dental implant contains 3 parts which we will look into –

The Fixture – The fixture is a small titanium screw which will be drilled into the jaw bone in the place of the missing tooth. The fixture provides support to the dental implant by fusing with the jaw bone over a period of month through a process called Osseo Integration.

The Abutment – This is a small disk that lies on the level of the gum which connects the fixture and the prosthesis.

The Prosthesis – This is the dental work that rests on the very top. It is usually cemented, screwed or clicked into place. This part of the implant is usually custom made for each individual.

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Dental implants are generally more durable than traditional dentures and crowns. In addition, dental implants prevent bone resorption which generally leads to several problems later in life such as exposed nerves and sunken face due. Given below are some of the reasons to choose dental implants –

Durability – Dental implants are extremely durable and tend to last a lifetime. They fuse to the jaw bone and become a part of it.

Bone health – Bone resorption is a large problem for individuals with dentures. The bone begins to degrade to the point where nerves are exposed causing pain while eating.

Cosmetic – Degrading bone will change your entire facial structure, Since bone resorption does not take place with dental implants, your smile and face will always look natural.

Eating – Since the support for the dental implants comes from the jaw bone, and not from the adjacent teeth, any pressure that might have been put on the adjacent teeth are non-existent.

Crooked Teeth – Teeth depend on each other to grow and remain in the correct orientation. Usually, when there is a tooth missing, the adjacent teeth begin to get crooked. Since a dental implant replaces the missing teeth permanently, crooked teeth are no longer an issue.

Depending on the number of missing teeth, there are 3 different type of dental implants available. They are not too different from each other and follow the same procedure of implementation. All procedures usually take 30 minutes over a period of a few months. Bellow is a brief description of each type of dental implant which provides best dentist in kothrud are as bellow,

Single Implant – A single titanium screw is placed into position on top of which the prosthetics is placed. This is used where a single tooth needs to be removed.

• Bridge Implant – This is done when there are two or more missing teeth in a row. Two titanium screws are placed, each at one end of the gap. A bridge is placed on top of the screws. The bridge allows the placement of a prosthetic on it.

Jaw Implant – A jaw implant is done when an entire jaw is devoid of any teeth. Multiple screws and bridges are used. The location of the screws and bridges depends on the condition of jaw. The bridges allow dentures to be clipped on. This procedure can be done on both jaws if required.

All dental implant procedures usually start with a dental examination and clean up. The dentist then decides what implant is needed, and any teeth which are too damaged are also removed. The gum is then cut open and a screw is drilled into the jaw bone carefully. Once the titanium fixture has been placed the gum is stitched back together. The procedure usually takes a short while and is painless as it is done under local anaesthesia.

A few months are given for the titanium screw, and the jaw bone to fuse together after which the gums are opened back again. This time the abutment is placed in level with the gums. The prosthetic is now placed and are either screwed in or held in place by dental cement. This part of the procedure takes a few minutes and is also done under local anaesthesia.

Dental implants turn back time and bring back your lost teeth. They are extremely comfortable and unlike normal dentures and bridges, they do not cause any difficulty in eating or speaking. They prevent bone resorption and help maintain proper dental health. Since they depend on the jaw for support, the remaining teeth are free to grow naturally thereby preventing any crooked or deformed teeth. However, the main benefit lies in it durability and maintenance. Dental implants are extremely durable and are a once-in-a-lifetime investment that is a must for anyone who have missing teeth.

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